Debugging With
Session Replay


It is a Saas platform providing digital experience with product analytics, error tracking, API tracking, API performance, and session replay. This debugging tool i designed to enhanced the efficiency of developers by offering a unique approach to problem resolution. When issues arise in a production environment, instead of the traditional process of reproducing the problem this solution allows developers to replay the session where the issue occurred. This tool aims to proactively inform users about errors, categorizing them and identifying patterns through a comprehensive set of data crucial for debugging. This streamlines the debugging process.


Web apps, especially popular ones, generate massive amounts of user activity data at a very high velocity. Handling and processing this data in near real-time to derive meaningful insights was a key challenge. Storing large volumes of user activity data efficiently, while ensuring it's easily accessible for analysis, requires robust data management solutions. Providing near real-time insights from errors caused by user activities to facilitate debugging and timely decision-making was technically challenging due to the need for high-performance computing resources. It required significant technical experties in the team. Accurately tracking user journeys was important for meaningful analysis. Architectural intricacies and third-party integrations, particularly with Jeera, add complexity in maintaining system integrity and performance.


At the core of our solution are error tracking, session replay, and robust debugging capabilities, complemented by timely issue notifications through alerts sent to developers. The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of API responses, request and server times, frontend and backend durations, enhancing analytics. Automation features efficiently prioritize critical errors, while streamlined user authentication options, including OTP, SSO, GitHub, and Google logins, ensure a seamless experience. Third-party integration, notably with Jeera, is facilitated for enhanced collaboration. Leveraging Kafka for data ingestion and a dynamically created high-availability pipeline management module for intensive processing of user session data, our system demands robust data management capabilities. High availability is ensured for intensive data processing, and a well-functioning SDK remains integral for the seamless operation of our solution.


The MVP was delivered in nine months, and customer onboarding began soon after, resulting in the client getting the first round of funding. The robustness of the architecture allowed the solution to scale and handle the peak load of 3000 requests per second. The solution is being used by customers in more than 100 countries. It successfully addresses the challenges in data management, high availability, and SDK functionality. This tool automates error resolution processes and provides insightful analytics for developers.