Automating Track and Trace
through Digitization of Physical Assets


We have implemented a streamlined solution for digitising physical products, enabling automatic tracing, brand protection, and enhanced customer experiences. This revamped system ensures transparency and traceability from factories to warehouses, stores, and beyond. The solution eliminates the need for coding with each new consumer by replacing the previous fixed processes, reducing operational and infrastructure costs. The rearchitected implementation facilitates transformational in-store and online interactive experiences for sustained consumer and partner engagement throughout the product lifecycle.


A key challenge involved designing adaptable workflows to cater to diverse use cases in the digitization of track and trace. The existing system, reliant on fixed processes coded for each new consumer, utilized an industrialized PC with wired RFID readers for asset digitization endpoints, limiting its applicability in various factory scenarios. This approach led to substantial operational and infrastructure costs.

The solution was rearchitected to address these limitations. Notably, the implementation now seamlessly supports Bluetooth-enabled RFID readers connected to ruggedized handheld devices and network RFID readers. This enhancement ensures greater flexibility in usage across different factory settings while significantly reducing operational and infrastructure expenses.


Implementing a modular, monolithic Saas model has successfully streamlined operations and significantly reduced infrastructure costs. The cloud-based system seamlessly supports on-premises RFID network readers, simplifying operational complexities, while the introduction of mobile-controlled RFID readers enhances flexibility, broadening support for a diverse range of use cases. The design, featuring a configurable workflow, facilitates rapid onboarding of customers with unique workflow requirements. Utilising a polyglot persistent architecture effectively addresses varied data storage needs. A well-executed strategic customer migration plan ensures the smooth transition of customer data from the existing system to the new solution, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient implementation process.


Delivered within six months, our end-to-end solution is now in active use by manufacturers and suppliers across Europe, Asia, and America. The implementation resulted in a significant reduction in monthly cloud infrastructure costs, dropping from over USD 8,000 to less than USD 1000. This comprehensive solution seamlessly supports all digitization, tracking, and trace use cases, serving as a versatile and efficient tool for diverse applications. The widespread adoption of the system highlights its effectiveness and reliability in meeting the global needs of manufacturers and suppliers.